National pool table championship to be launched in Rwanda

Young talented Rwandan ladies in Pool table game enjoying it when relaxing at night.

For the first time, a pool table game championship is coming to be added to current national entertainment championship in Rwanda.

The initiative was designed by a young Rwandan called David Niyonsaba, Managing Director for Just Gaming limited.

In a detailed interview with The Inspirer’s journalist Elias Hakizimana, Niyonsaba revealed the secret behind his brainstorming initiative to launch this new championship and he said himself likes playing pool table after work.

David Niyonsaba currently likes playing Pool table game.

Elias/: What was your inspiration to come up with this initiative?

David/: When you travel to our neighbouring countries starting from Kampala, pull table championship is something actually that took the level even that the Universities compete as champions of championship, coming back to  Rwanda am part of the people who like pool table and I see the people enjoying it but there is no platform for them.

If you have a talent but your talent is not appreciated, you do not feel good about it and you cannot actually invest and push for it development, so, when I came back in Rwanda I saw that we have so many talents in pool table and also it is a good entertainment for people to enjoy that sport that was never captured before,” said Niyonsaba.

I also spoke to most of the bars in Rwanda asking them what they think about the pull table championship and there was a huge need for it and I found it is possible together with the will and the skills. That is how the idea came and how I come to launch it.

So, my motivation is that I like something new and I like to empower to people who already have been in the platform, and I believe that a talent is a talent and should give money to someone who has a talent, being a writer, being anything, and pool table is one of the most of the things that people are following and I think that the guys talented in pool table will join the platform.

Elias/: How expensive do you think is your idea to launch the pool table championship?

David/: I would say so far I have invested around Rwf2millions just going around talking to people, and to me I think the idea is worth more than that money because it is the entertainment that is welcomed by many people.

Elias/: What is the value will this game add to current entertainment in Rwanda?

When you go in sport, ten years ago people have been appreciating until when we saw cycling which is fantastic today for all Rwandans, so, pool table is coming after many types of entertainments after all kinds of sports, and is coming to be one of the concepts that will be followed by many people since it is in ranges of 18 to almost 50 years, so, you do not have to be 25 years to play pool, you do not have to be any age, you can be 50 years old and still enjoy playing pool, it is something that is going to really bring many people of different categories.

Elias/: How big is the number of talented people in pool table game?

David/: If I tell you the names of people that I met, they are fantastic, when you see them holding stick and bend, and say if you are good come and take this stick out of my hands because they know they are going to play from the first player up to the last one, having these talented people together I think it is brilliant, so, we have so many talented people from countrywide,”

Niyonsaba said Pool table is played by people in range of 18 to almost 50 years.

Elias/: What is the special message to Rwandans who are awaiting for this never happened championship in the country?

David/: The special message I would say that Rwanda awaits for this beautiful championship that is coming out for the first time and I would like to invite people for the pre-launch that is scheduled on the 2nd March 2018 at Beirut Sky Pool in Kibagabaga. They will be able to see the rationale of the championship and how much money people are going to earn as they win the championship, and I invite everyone to come and see those talented people we have in pool table in Rwanda.

Elias/: As you are launching, what kind of support have you requested from the Rwandan ministry of sports and culture so far?

David/: I spoke to the ministry of sports and they are aware of this activity that is happening, for now the support I need from MINISPOC is not in terms of finance, I would like them to embrace something new that Rwandans are going to enjoy and they can support us in terms of experience.

Elias/: As part of your experience, tell us any other country where this championship is being well-performed

David/: When you go to the USA, it is brilliant, I have been talking to South Korea about the possibility of having Rwandans to go there to compete because it is something that we are looking in. so, South Korea, Kenya, Uganda, and these championships are happening there and are very fantastic.

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