Rwanda horticulture sector to be promoted through British and Dutch export deals

The horticulture sector of Rwanda is expected to increase its export income due to buying partnership with the United Kingdom (UK) and the Netherlands.

This was revealed through the two-day horticulture connect that was held in Kigali from February 14-15, 2018 with the aim of linking Rwandan products to the world.

The meeting was organized by the National Agriculture Export Board (NAEB) in collaboration with the United Kingdom ((UK) and the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Rwanda Development Board (RDB) that is the main coordinator of Businesses in Rwanda affirmed that there are many investment potentials in the country and encouraged foreign investors to continue supporting floriculture sector.

Various Experts in Horticulture during the horticulture connect summit in Kigali on February 15, 2018. (Elias Hakizimana).

Winifred Ngangure Kabega, Head of Investment Promotion and Facilitation Department RDB said that Rwanda has many investment potentials including export growth in floriculture and the entire horticulture sector.

She mentioned the sector saved $339 billion in seven years ago, contributing to the national investment growth.

Kabega however said there is still a long journey to achieve another step for more income from horticulture export.

“Investment in horticulture has got an increase of   $100million  from less than $50milion in past years,  the government’s supporting activities are giving results  but there are not enough at all,”

Dolar Amarshi Popat, the UK’s trade envoy to Rwanda and Uganda advised Rwandan farmers to use new technologies to increase the production, giving an example of Kenya and Uganda where it has succeeded.

“Rwanda has made a tremendous step to prioritize investment, we are changing the mindset, and we learn from Rwanda, we recognize the role of agriculture sector in transforming Rwanda since many years ago,” said Popat.

He further mentioned that there is need to increase the sector’s production capacity so as to ensure sustainable supply to meet horticulture growing demand in Europe.

We are interested in investing more resources toward the development of Rwanda and regional’s horticulture sector,” he said.

Epimaque Nsanzabaganwa, Horticulture division manager at NAEB said that the country expects yield from buying agreements with these European countries.

“We have got companies that will buy produce, and we expect kinds of best results from that partnership,” said Nsanzabaganwa.

Epimaque Nsanzabaganwa, Horticulture division manager at NAEB during the interview with the media.

He said that the partnership will build capacity of horticulture farmers and link them to the buyers across the world.

“They have appreciated our products and the linkage has already started, they wished to visit where these flowers and fruits are coming from. We plan to increase the capacity of refrigerators and boost certification of the products.

Kayonga said that after the signing of buying agreements between Rwanda and Dutch, more contracts will be signed with local horticulture farmers to also raise their confidence towards their business’s profitability.

More than ten companies working in the sector exhibited the production during the conference; and among them are five companies working in flowers and seven more in vegetables.

It is expected that horticulture produce will be exported to the UK, the kingdom of the Netherlands and the rest of the world.

Last year, horticulture sector saved around $15 million.

Experts said there is a huge potential in investing in horticulture.

Vegetables being exhibited along with the summit.

Participants to the summit visiting the Vegetable exhibition stand.

By Elias Hakizimana @theinspirerpubl


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