Conflicts escalate as Cyuma decries over being deprived of his own farm


*After nine years operating in the farm he had bought, the seller resold it to another person-Cyuma claims

*Cyuma who is claiming over his farm is now in prison being accused of forging land buying agreement for the farm- Cyuma relatives report

*Both Cyuma  the first buyer and Kazoza  the second buyer said to be illegal buyer have been fighting in the farm

* The first  farm owner who resold the farm is also said to be in prison-sources say.

Sorrow, confusion and agonizing thoughts on his cows that fed on farm and were sold to a powerful rich man are among Bernabe Cyuma’s burdens.

Cyuma’s relatives told The Inspirer that he was imprisoned early this week allegedly for forging land documents.

The, 51 year old, resident of Gisenyi sector, Nyabihu district had bought a cattle farm located in Mutaho cell, Rambura Sector in the same province in 2011.

Desire Munyamasoko gave him the farm in 2007 to keep it for cattle raring because himself had no cow. When he decided to sell it in 2009, Cyuma successfully   bought 2.5 hectares of the 5 ha for Rwf 2,300,000 and got a receipt for it.

He later also bought the remainder for Rwf 3,700,000 making his total payment Rwf 6,000,000.

Receipt 1 of Rwf 2,300,000 and the overall Receipt of Rwf 6,000,000.

Fact that he had paid in two installments before, he was given a temporary land registration certificate.

In May 2017, the national land registration permitted temporary ones could be replace by permanent certification, but Munyamasoko denied Cyuma the right because he wanted to re-sell the farm to a rich man called Kazoza Rushago Justin.

Cyuma still keeps the casual land documents from Munyamasoko.

“I asked him to help me get the replacements of the old certificate and he denied, saying that he is very busy.  I revealed to him that he was to challenge me with unnecessary delay so he could reach his target. I sought advice from the family who pushed him to give me the deadline to receive the original certificate but I advised myself later to raise the issue to the sector’s authorities,” said Cyuma.

The sector leadership said it had nothing to do because Kazoza is feared-power rich man over their capacity.

“I later heard Munyamasoko is going to sell my farm and I went to seek advice at the district where I was advised to raise the issue to the national Land registration entity. Unfortunately, I later realized on October 27, 2017 that Munyamasoko had already sold the farm to Kazoza and  already having   the new land registration certificate,” said Cyuma.

Cyuma wrote a letter to the in charge of land registration in Western Province to communicate the issue after being denied land alteration document.

Munyamasoko had re-sold the farm to  Justin Kazoza Rushago to earn Rwf 21,500,000 million.

The reason behind this kind of business of re-selling an already sold property is not understandable.

Kazoza undoubtedly attempted to buy the farm with Munyamasoko knowing that it is no longer his property as he had already sold it to Cyuma.

“Everyone knows that it was my farm. I took the accusation to the police, and the issue is now in court,” said Cyuma.

Cyuma was given the casual land registration document by Munyamasoko but was denied the alteration service to get the new one.

“Before the offense went to court, Kazoza accepted to discuss with Cyuma’s family to resolve it peacefully, by urging Munyamasoko to refund Kazoza. Unfortunately he was left with Rwf 13million. But his family accepted to help him pool the remainder so Kazoza could be repaid. He later told all of them to sue,” he added.

Cyuma’s ten cows are starving because they are not comfortable with Kazoza’s 30 cows, on the same farm.

“My wish is that the responsible authorities can help me have Kazoza move his 30 cows  off my farm and leave my cows to feel comfortable,” Cyuma said.

He still keeps the casual land documents from Munyamasoko.

Cyuma’s letter to Kazoza requesting him to refund him the money he bought the farm with Munyamasoko.

Pierre Claver Birangamoya, Cyuma’s relative testified that Munyamasoko sold the farm to Cyuma and later to Kazoza.

“Kazoza bought the farm the second time knowing that it belonged to Cyuma because their farms are closer. We found that Kazoza is powerful and we do not have anything else to do,” he said.

Pierre Claver Birangamoya, Cyuma’s relative testified that Munyamasoko sold the farm to Cyuma and later to Kazoza.

David Ngirumwami, Cyuma’s brother said, “After buying the farm which was sold twice to him, Kazoza used his powerful stance to bring his 30 cows into the farm. We wish that local authorities can help to tell Kazoza to move away his cows while we are still waiting for just intervention.”

Kazoza told The Inspirer that himself is the victim because Cyuma uses his farm.

“Cyuma does not have a farm in Gishwati, instead he is exploiting my farm, which I bought from Desire Munyamasoko four months ago. Munyamasoko told me Cyuma was renting for his ten cows I found there. The problem I have with him is that he refused to leave my farm,” said Kazoza.

Cyuma took the issue to Kanama Police Station for Intervention in seeking Justice.

Kazoza’s farm registration documents are certified and valid for 99 years.

However he also presents documents that testify that Cyuma bought the farm before the tricky re-selling agreement.

“The real thief is Cyuma because he wants to withhold the property. Munyamasoko who sold the farm to me is Cyuma’s relative, and I heard they may have family conflicts, so Cyuma is still using my farm,” Kazoza added.

Kazoza confirmed that he does not have any problem with Munyamasoko since he accepted to give him full farm documents including the land alteration certificate.

He instead accused Cyuma for forgery of the  Rwf 6milliion receipt.

Cyuma noted that Kazoza and Munyamasoko sought the land document alteration from the national level not the local level. But Kazoza said it was his full rights to request that document from any  entity responsible.

Cyuma’s letter to Nyabihu district Mayor requesting for assistance.

Kazoza   got his farm documents from the national land registration entity before Cyuma raised the issue to the local authorities.

The conflict is between Munyamasoko and Cyuma,   Kazoza noted.

“I will accept the court’s resolution when they find I have any relationship with the case but the problem is between the two.”

He requested local authorities to move Cyuma’s cows off the farm, and accepted.

“I do not have any problem with Cyuma, I do not share any business with him. So my wish is that he moves away his cows from my farm,” Kazoza noted.

Who is the victim?

Cyuma was disappointed by Munyamasoko, denying him the land alteration documents so he could replace the temporary ones unlike Kazoza.

It is awaited the victim be acquitted by the court. But Cyuma besides, remains in prison with Munyamasoko.

The farm’s identification was No 5 before but is officially registered on Kazoza Rushago Justin with registration number UPI 3/04/09/04/3692.

The Inspirer did not get any feedback how  Rambura sector is currently solving the problem of the herd of 40 cows belonging to Kazoza and Cyuma in the same farm compound.

By Elias Hakizimana @theinspirerpubl


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