Why children should be aware of Cyber crimes

By Elias Hakizimana

Nowadays, as the world moves to a much decentralized technology through digital innovations, experts say children who also access to internet use should be aware of internet negative effects such as cyber crimes for their future role in fighting against them.

They say children who can currently spend a lot of time navigating on internet might be affected by consequences created by hackers in cyberspace.

It is in this context that Cyberteq company experts have launched a campaign on this Saturday January 27, 2018 sensitizing children about cyber security.

Cyberteq is a private company helping different organizations within the government and private sector to protect their IT system from cyber crimes.

During the campaign, Cyberteq trained over 60 children of primary schools in SOS- Kigali on different perspectives of Internet use and some hot point areas of cybercrimes.

SOS village Rwanda cares for 660 children living in schools and 5000 living in communities.

They were warned against exposing their secrets (such as personal photos, videos on social media to avoid being lured into such Internet crimes).

Most of dangerous threats in cyber space include cyber bullying, Identity theft, and cyber predators.

“We develop solutions to help the government, banks and the community to strengthen their systems to protect themselves from cyber crimes in the country, “said Michal Suchocki, in charge of Sales and marketing in Cyberteq Company.

Michal Suchocki, in charge of Sales and marketing in Cyberteq training children on cyber security.

He also noted that they want to make this for the long perspective journey and that they need organizations to have kind of strategy on cyber security.

He said that the next step will be to train more youth in secondary and Universities.

“So, if we start from the proper level of this age, we can grow to another level, cyber security will also help children to know what kind of cyber space can happen,” said Suchocki.

Kevine  Bajeneza, Chief Operations Officer in Cyberteq said there is much expected results from  teaching children about coping with cyber crimes as it will bring changes in the context of cyber security at their early age.

“Explaining this to the children will enable them to know further about the best and threats of internet use especially in cyber security context. We have learnt that children spend more time navigating though internet on various issues, they use smart phones, computers and laptops, so we found that they should have such early knowledge, “said Bajeneza.

Kevine Bajeneza, Chief Operations Officer in Cyberteq addressing the children in SOS-primary school in Kigali yesterday.

Louis Ntabana, Director of SOS children village of Kigali, said that as technology grows, children must evolve with kind of awareness of cyber crimes to be able to mobilize other young generations in the future.

Ntabana also noted that this awareness should be a proper tool to sensitize children how to avoid human trafficking.

Lessons to the children

Sylvie Ishimwe 11, is a p6 student from SOS primary school and among trainees, she said she will use cyber security by consulting elder people before proceeding on internet use.

“I will advise other children to avoid posting their private data such as photos on face book, or ask permission from cyberteq using mobile phones,” said Ishimwe.

“When I will be in 15 years and above, I will partner with Cyberteq to prevent cybercrimes as an engineer who can fight hackers,” said Honore Mugisha, p5 student of SOS.

Honore Mugisha, p5 student of SOS said he will contribute in fighting against hackers when he grows.

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