FAO, Govt seek to improve Rwanda’s Agro forestry

Rwanda’s Agro forestry sector contributes a lot towards boosting food productivity and providing farmers with wood and timber as well as feeding the livestock on tree leaves.

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) as the big partner and expert in promoting agriculture has played quite a big role in helping the Government of Rwanda to increase trees mixed with plants and availed ways to sustain them.

It was revealed that trees are planted in abundance and only few grow due to farmers’ mindset to preserve them.

Planting such trees was seen as of less value by many citizens, thinking that it is a waste of arable land which is taken for granted.

The ministry of land and forestry (MINILAF) through FAO already started to sensitize citizens about the rationale of having such trees planted together the crops following the nature of soil.

Prime Ngabonziza, the director general of forestry in MINILAF announced that they are seeking ways to promote the initiative of planting trees mixed with plants countrywide.

He was speaking on Friday during the FAO validation workshop of the national agro forestry strategy and action plan 2020 -2050.

Agriculture experts posing for a group photo in the mid of the validation workshop on Friday in Kigali.

“We are currently pushing for the government’s vision 2020, 2024, and 2050 in mobilizing citizens on the role of planting trees mixed with trees,” Ngabonziza said.

“You all know that every year and every season we plant various crops, the trees which are mixed with them contribute to fertilizing the soil, which result in increasing agriculture produce,” he added.

He identified the role of most of these trees as wood materials providers, beans rifts, and that they are used in every day’s life perspectives such as in construction of houses and infrastructures.

Agroforestry contributes in fertilizing the soil and providing wooden materials as well as Livestock feeds.

Ngabonziza says that the country looses much when people do not preserve trees after contributing money to buy seeds and to plant them.

Dr. Otto Vianney Muhinda, the Assistant FAO Representative to Rwanda said that FAO contributed efforts and money to implement the initiative in helping citizens to plant the trees.

“We are striving to implement this initiative and FAO will donate $50 million to support the citizens planting the trees mixed with crops as they play a significant role in Agriculture,” said Muhinda.

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