Engineers’ council calls members and the public to follow on professional regulations

By Elias Hakizimana

The council of engineers of Rwanda has embarked on major threats eating up the profession due to lack of public awareness about the law and regulations governing the profession.

This was announced by the council members of engineers on Friday January 26, 2018 saying that the majority of engineers who practice the profession go beyond the law and kill the profession, which causes serious problems at work.

Addressing journalists, Engineer Papias Kazawadi, Chairman of the council of engineers said that people should understand this law and engineers should implement it clearly as some still ignore its existence.

“Despites the law was established in 2012, we found that the public is not aware of it; and despites many achievements by the council, there are still some problems showing that people do not know it or that some do not need to respect it,” said Kazawadi.

Eng.Papias Kazawadi addressing the media on Friday (

The council for engineers’ institution was established in 2012 with the responsibilities to monitor engineering profession in the country.

The call was to increase awareness of the law and to push for its implementation by all levels concerned including local professionals and foreigners who practice engineering in Rwanda.

Before they move to the next step of country wide inspection to know the current number of who are practicing as engineers and where they work from, the council has recently written letters to government and private institutions requesting for the list of their engineers.

The inspection that targets to monitor performance of engineers will be conducted in six months after getting the feedback on total number of engineers working in the country.

“We also requested for related projects being practiced in the country so as to make them useful during the inspection in six months later,” said Kazawadi.

The initiative targets all Rwandan graduates from engineering and related professions at University as well as current employed workers. It also targets technicians with A2 diploma who work in construction sector.

Council members of the Board and Journalists during the press conference on Friday January 26, 2018.

The council plans in next years to focus on another category of people who did not study but working in sub-categories of engineering such as painters to follow the same professional guidelines.

Engineers Kazawadi noted that people should know the relationship between engineering and welfare, which is gathered in the seventeen sustainable development goals (SDGs) and that infrastructure, housing and construction are the major things in people’s life perspectives across the country.

The council of engineers has to date about 1,000 registered members from very little number at the beginning in 2012.

Kazawadi said that any engineer starting the profession has to take an oath before in order to testify that he/she will not work outside the standards and the law.

On 12th September, 2017, 410 engineers took an oath as they were getting responsibilities of the profession.

“This is the best manner to help us avoid the disorder within the profession. It will boost professionalism where someone will work in his/her specialized field of engineering and whoever will break the rule shall be punished,” said Kazawadi.

Engineers institution board attending to media questions.

The ceremony of taking an oath recalls values and professionalism based on quality job according to the council.

Some consequences resulted from unprofessionalism in engineering so far include fire accidents, bad maintenance of electrical equipment and so on.

The article 38 of the law N° 26/2012 of 29/06/2012 governing the professions of architecture and engineering and establishing the institute of architects and the institute of engineers in Rwanda states that any person who practices the architecture or engineering profession without being registered on the roll of the Institute shall be punished in accordance with Rwandan criminal laws.

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