Local Valuation practitioners have to address unprofessionalism

Real property valuation profession in Rwanda still needs to improve on the quality of existing practitioners towards better service delivery, officials from the Institute of Real Property Valuers (IRPV) have said.

Officials revealed this on Thursday January 18, 2018 during an annual training on land and property valuation held in Kigali from 18-19th January 2018.

The annual training was organized by the institute of real property valuers in Rwanda in partnership with the Republic of Rwanda through Rwanda Land Management and Use Authority (RLMUA) and the Ministry of Land and Forestry (MINILAF).

Jean Claude Musabyimana, permanent secretary in MINILAF speaking to the media.(By Elias Hakizimana).

According to Edward Kyazze, the Vice-Chairperson of IRPV, the quality of valuation practitioners is still doubtful and needs further improvement to ensure better service delivery to the clients in terms of quality and quantity (what is put on the market).

“We need to make an assessment of quality and practices of existing practitioners to ensure that there is transparency in what we have done to our clients, I believe this is the right time we start change the mindset to improve valuation profession,” Kyazze said, adding that the improvement on quality service delivery will enable Rwandan valuers to be ready to penetrate the regional market.

“As the council, we can be happy to see our practitioners crossing the continent to deliver services,” he added.

Incepted in 2010 by the law no the law N°17/2010 of 12/05/2010 establishing and organizing the real property valuation profession in Rwanda, the IRPV currently has 138 registered valuers according to Egide Gatsirombo, the Chairman of the board.

Egide Gatsirombo, the Chairman of the Board of IRPV. (Elias Hakizimana).

Gatsirombo said that all registered member-valuers have the needed skills according to their knowledge from school.

He said that the training on land and property valuation will boost valuers’s knowledge and skills to address the unprofessionalism gap.

However, some valuers used to practice the profession without being registered by the council; the case which Gatsirombo said was handled so far.

Gatsirombo said with the speed of development that comes with new technologies like electronic lifts (ascenseurs) in big buildings, valuers get the right moment to work harder so that they cope with modernization.

(1st L-R, Edward Kyazze, the Vice-Chairperson of IRPV, Jean Claude Musabyimana, Permanent Secretary in MINILAF(C) with Egide Gatsirombo, the Chairman of the board IRPV (Elias.H).
IRPV officials and members with Government’s representatives from MINILAF posing for a group photo. (By Elias Hakizimana).

Speaking to the media during the mid-of the training on Thursday, Jean Claude Musabyimana, Permanent Secretary in MINILAF, the IRPV was established to help the government delivering good services to Rwandans especially in land property issues.

“We wish all the members of IRPV to update themselves every day, to understand the context in which we are working, because we work in the country with the fast growing economy and there are requirements of this fast growing economy including the laws and regulations, planning framework, policies and so on,” said Musabyimana.

We would like each member of IRPV to be updated and IRPV itself to always check and follow on how the profession is being practiced because we heard about some malpractices coming in the profession,” he added.

Musabyimana recommended the IRPV to always update the information they get and get in touch with all the relevant public institutions in order to have another step ahead in streamlining and in regularization good practices of the profession of real property valuers in Rwanda.

By Elias Hakizimana @theinspirerpubl




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