Big Buildings in Musanze city lack hygiene

By Elias Hakizimana

It is shameful and again critical to find feaces and human wastes behind most of the big commercial buildings in town which comes among the six secondary cities in the country.

It was Friday, December 1, 2017, around 5.30 pm when I was traveling in the center of Musanze town. It happened that I could look for somewhere comfortable to make a short call.

Dubai T.House is a big commercial building owned by one of the big traders in the center of Musanze town. It has toilets reserved for traders who work in this building, selling different goods namely; food commodities, cosmetics, ICT services, and more.

What is worst is when one goes there as a visitor in need of a toilet for a short call, and instead of being given a key for the toilet, one is told to go  behind the building and do the necessary.

Dubai T. House and its surrounding buildings are among big commercial houses in Musanze town that lack hygiene behind (The Inspirer)

Ezechiel Rukundo also known as “Yanga” is the man who repairs shoes inside the main gate linking the building with another one that looks old.

He humbly told me to go behind the big building when asking him where I can make a short call, and I thought I would find a toilet there.

I became very surprised and shocked due to the bad smell besides observing the area between the back of the big building and against the fence which links houses, commercial and one which looks old.

After taking pictures of human waste in the vicinity, I came back to the cobbler, who explained that everybody coming from outside especially smokers at evening go directly to the place for short and heavy calls.

Some of captured pictures of human waste behind Dubai.T.House in Musanze.

“The toilet is there but it is always closed as it is used by only traders from the big building, some of people who come here looking for toilets are boys who are coming from cinema halls and others who come to smoke from here, these are the ones who defecate and urinate there,” said Rukundo.

Rukundo noted that the owner of the big building pays his watchman to clean the place when it is already full of human waste.

Trying to speak to Gasore, the owner of the commercial building to know why such human waste was behind his building, he told The Inspirer that he cannot and he never speaks to the media.

According to Jean Damascene Habyarimana, the Mayor of Musanze District, the main reason for that waste is the old houses which shared the same gate with the big commercial one and that was closed due to the new regulations of towns and the Master plan.

Habyarimana said that they will soon close the gate which is an entry for people who bring the waste in the compound and that the old houses are soon to be destroyed to build new ones.

The mayor himself said it is something unusual and strange.

“This is strange and gives a bad image to the town, we are going to close that gate and tell people to follow on the daily hygiene around their work places and whoever will go beyond the regulations will be punished accordingly,” said Habyarimana.

He said also that he will coordinate traders and other people who use big buildings in the town to control daily hygiene to protect the image of the town and the district.

According to, 1190 families in Musanze district have no toilets and go wherever or borrow their neighbors’.



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Elias Hakizimana

Elias Hakizimana, CEO&Founder of The Inspirer Ltd,( is a professional Rwandan Journalist with Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Communication, received from University of Rwanda’s College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS) in 2014. He served various media houses in Rwanda including Rwanda Broadcasting Agency (RBA) in 2013 and became passionate with English Online and Print Media Publications where he exercised his talent as a Freelance News Reporter for The New Times, The Independent, The Rwanda Focus, Panorama and more before he became a Self-Entrepreneur as the CEO and Founder of The Inspirer Limited in early 2017.

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