About 150 youth got jobs in Egypt and middle east expo

By Elias Hakizimana

About 150 young girls and boys were employed in the ongoing Egypt and middle-East Expo which is being held at Remera-Kigali (Petit Stade).

The exhibition that attracts thousands of Rwandans daily has some surprises like a motor prize for two lucky people who but an entrance ticket worth Rwf500.

The first rechargeable motorcycle was won yesterday December 26, 2017 by Jean Luc Shyaka, the young man from Kigali city, the second one will be given on January 1, 2018.

The youth who participated in the exhibition thank foreigners to exhibit their products in Rwanda, helping them get jobs and extend their opportunities.

The exhibition hosts many goods including furniture, Modern Kitchen equipment, clothes, shoes , wallets and belts, etc.

Shoes, wallets, belts are among many products being sold there. (Elias Hakizimana).

Emmanuel Ntabareshya, the young man who participated in this expo as an employee told the media that he participated in this expo from 2014 and he gained a lot.

“I have been working with Egyptians in this expo since three years ago, it helped me tackle many poverty-related issues, I successfully built a house and bought a cow,” said Ntabareshya.

He said he has a profit-making business where he managed to create his own business in which he employs someone else when Egyptians come in Rwanda.

The expo comes twice a year in April and December; it targets to employ more youthsin the future according to Natacha Haguma, the coordinator of the expo.

Natacha Haguma, Coordinator of the EXPO. (Elias Hakizimana).

“This expo has given jobs to about 150 youth, they have made a significant step towards their livelihoods and we will gradually increase the number of employees from 50 whom we began with,” said Haguma.

Clients buying clothes in Egyptians’ expo yesterday.(Elias Hakizimana).



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