“This is the real time to have changes” FERWAFA candidate says

By Elias Hakizimana

Mrs. Felicite Rwemarika a candidate contesting to be the next leader of the Rwanda Football Federation (FERWAFA) has promised making changes towards developing professional football league.

At a press conference held on 22nd December at Radison blue hotel in Kacyiru-Kigali, the candidate pledged to share interests of all Rwandans as well as the common rights if she wins elections.

Mrs. Felicite Rwemarika, the first female candidate to ever contest for the post was accompanied by various individuals who are seeking different posts in the federation said that she will mobilize every Rwandan to set up structures.

“The first thing is to mobilize all Rwandans to be part of FERWAFA  so that they take part in the development of the game  through building structures, by working together it will help us achieve the common goal which is taking foot ball to the next level,” Rwemirika said.

Mrs. Felicite Rwemarika, the first female candidate to ever contest for the post of FERWAFA President.(ruhagoyacu)

She added that the mission is to build a strong and professional football league to position Rwanda to be able to compete favorably amongst teams in the highest competitions.

The candidate whose vision is “Towards excellence and sustainability for a national football yet competitive at the global stage” emphasized that the development junior leagues will be one of the priorities and will not base on personal feelings, rather will be a plan of action with a well-planned budged at the same time having the culture of accountability.

For Mukiga Rutagengwa vying to be the commissioner legal affairs in the federation said they will advocate for standardized laws governing competitions that do not leave anyone behind.

Fidele Kanamugire, commissioner of Development also noted that changes will brought- in, including role models in football to help in  introduction of professional football game by sharing ideas  with FERWAFA in development of football.

Bonaventure Niyonzima, commissioner for Finance was quoted as saying that “We will establish a good financial management from the lower to the upper level and we will report on time, the budget will benefit all members and we will avail financial reporting to members and explain what they do not understand about the report, this will help  to avoid past bad financial management in FERWAFA,”

Rwemarika’s Testimony

“It was a difficult battle for me, but, today I thank the step made as we have girls in championships, and I played a vital role as one woman to achieve this, I also contributed my efforts to integrate women in general assembly, which they were not allowed before the years to join.

In 2014, the national team had to enter a competition but I played a very energetic battle to convince Minister Mitari that girls should compete, fortunately, he accepted and we beaten Kenya.

Mrs. Felicite Rwemarika, the first female candidate to ever contest for the post was accompanied by various individuals who are seeking different posts in the federation. (Ruhagoyacu).

After ten years now, am coming on top to increase opportunities for girls and boys, where I will have a voice to request opportunities including equipment for all,” she noted.

Further manifesto that the candidates pledges include effort in availing efficient health facility closer the players to help them for special cases instead of transferring them abroad.

“This is the real time to have changes, we believe on the Election Day many people will vote for us, I am first vice-president in Olympic comity and I worked in various entities as a leader, which confirms I will achieve a lot once voted. Basing on Rwandan’s trust, many things will change,” Rwemarika said.

Asked if the $1,200,000 budget will benefit beneficiaries in football, Rwemarika said that it will benefit all the beneficiaries and that, Rwf250million of that budget will go directly to develop women’s football.

Mrs. Felicite Rwemarika. (Elias HAKIZIMANA).

The upcoming FERWAFA elections are set in early January to contest Vincent de Gaulle Nzamwita, current president of Rwanda Football Federation since January 2014.

The campaigns will end on December 29 while the elections are set on December 30 in an elective FERWAFA general assembly.

The elections were primarily supposed to take place on September 30, but were put on hold on instructions of FIFA Secretary General Fatma Samoura due to irregularities and violation of the electoral code.

The elected FERWAFA president will serve a four-year term from 2018 to 2021.

Peter Kamasa, Senior sport Reporter for The New Times asking a question during the press conference. (Elias HAKIZIMANA).


Coach Grace Nyinawumuntu asking whether the candidate will empower women-coaches once voted. (Elias HAKIZIMANA).
Journalists were interested to ask so many questions. (Elias Hakizimana).
Journalists following the manifesto.(Elias Hakizimana).
Local media houses were fully represented.(Elias Hakizimana).








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