Gorilla Feed commits to increasing customer care through providing quality animal feeds

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Gorilla Feed Co. Ltd is a local company that specializes in production and distribution of high quality animal feeds for cows, pigs, chickens and fish imports.

Incorporated in 2015 by Korean investors, the company has the capacity to produce four tones of quality feeds per hour and is committed to sell them at affordable prices to vendors, individual farmers as well as cooperatives.

The chicken feeds are produced in two main types for different growth stages: Chick starter: these are feeds eaten by chickens ranging from day 1 to 6o.

Growers mash feeds: They are fed to chicken that hatched from 61 to 109 days. Pre-layers: these are fed to chickens ranging from 110 to 119 days.

Layers are also feed according to their age, from day 120 onwards. Gorilla feeds also produces broiler feeds, pre-starter crumble for the chickens of 1 to 10 days.

They have also broiler starter pellets, for chickens of 11 to 22 days; and broiler finisher pellets, for chickens of 23 up to the time they are being slaughtered.

Gorilla Feed Co. Limited produces quality chickens’ feeds. (File Picture)

Jean Pierre Shabairo, an employee of Gorilla Feed Company Limited says “The animal feeds we produce are of quality the farmer needs to give to his/her animals, our prices are also affordable to every farmer and for sure farmers get returns as they grow quality and healthy, strong chickens,” Shabairo says.

“We started two years ago, but the company serves the majority of farmers country wide and is committed to reaching out to every farmer, contributing to animal growth production in the country.” He added

The main objective of the company is to increase production and expand distribution of the made Rwanda animal feeds products.

Currently, it exports to Kenya and Democratic Republic of Congo as well as bordering areas of Uganda.

Gorilla feed company limited is located in Rubirizi Cell, Kanombe sector of Kicukiro district, opposite to Rwanda Agriculture Board head offices.


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