VTC-Ruhango tried airplane manufacturing project, one is soon to fly

By Elias Hakizimana

Ruhango vocational training center has started a project of inventing an aircraft which is soon to fly.

The plane whose value is Rwf3.5million now at the pilot phase is still under construction.

According to Alphonse Bimenyimana, the director of VTC-Ruhango said that they first tried and rejected the fear, just believing that it is possible to make a (flying) plane. Today people are happy to see this ‘Kajugujugu’ plane,” he said.

Bimenyimana said they still lack a high level engine to lift up the plane to the skyway, which requires more financial capacity as well.

“We still lack equipments worth Rwf5million to complete the airplane so that it can be able to fly, we are waiting to get an engine to finish mechanical part of the plane and we will be thinking on its electronic part (radio control), we want to learn additional skills from other countries fabricating aircrafts,” Bimenyimana said.

“We will request for a help from the Workforce Development Authority (WDA) and other government institutions to help us learn the skills and prove that we have ability to do everything as Rwandans,” he added.

Alphonse Bimenyimana explaining the journey to invent the plane (Elias Hakizimana)

Apart from the plane, VTC Ruhango have other innovative materials such as Made in Rwanda television transformed from old desktop computers which is worth between Rwf45,000 and Rwf50,000 while the flat screen TV Set can cost from Rwf150,000.

They also made an incubator to help poultry farmers produce enough chickens through a simple way, with the capacity to produce 2,000 chickens minimum.

The training center started in 2013 and has given certificates to 300 graduates in electrical reparation and installation, 150 in mechanical training.

A man getting down the plane which is under construction (Elias.H)



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Elias Hakizimana

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