3o years RPF: Gasabo’s women and youth affirm prosperity

By Elias Hakizimana

Rwandan patriotic front (RPF) is celebrating 3o years’ readership since 1988, confirming that many things were achieved especially the development of women and youth in all sectors of life.

Nadine Ingabire, a member of women council in Kigali city and in charge of women council in Remera sector said that women were liberated by RPF as today gender equity and equality is a success where there is no woman left behind in the development of the country.

“It means that a woman also has a voice in developmental initiatives, in all sectors women got equal opportunities as men like in education, women are accessing the finance from the microfinance institutions and all of that is the RPF’s achievements, we use to help women through ‘Umugoroba w’ababyeyi/(parents forum), we gather them into cooperatives and help them access to loans from Business Development Fund (BDF), women today are contributing towards a healthy family because they have financial capacity,” said Ingabire.

Nadine Ingabire, a member of women council in Kigali city and in charge of women council in Remera sector (Elias.H)

Belise Niyomutoni from Gasabo District  who spoke on behalf of youth and women said that the history of the country makes them understand more the opportunities they have presently.

“A child girl could not take the place I have at the moment and could not speak in front of the public, she could not have a place in leadership and in everything, all her daily assignments were to cater for home and children as well as the kitchen while boys were studying. We are today owing our special gratitude to RPF- Inkotanyi to build equal opportunities for all Rwandans, we have also women and girls entrepreneurs whose achievements are significant,” said Niyomutoni.

Belise Niyomutoni (Elias Hakizimana)

Speaking during its general assembly on Sunday, the RPF chairman in Gasabo district Stephen Rwamurangwa said that the role of youth and women is being considered in building the country.

He reminded RPF Family members to look behind and preserve the achievements as they prepare the future.

Gasabo district has over 580,000 citizens among whom 93 percent are RPF members.

“You know that youth contributed a lot to liberate the country, we ask them to continue playing a role in building the prosperity of the RPF family,” Rwamurangwa noted.






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