Man injured, another detained by Police as the two appeal for their payment


By Elias Hakizimana &

Rachid Bugirimfura

Two men Rukundo A.K.A Gasongo and his colleague Hamimu Niyonkuru aggressively packed into Kimironko sector’s security and hygiene car.

Rukundo was injured on his head due to a violent-forced action of packing him in a car after the duo  were asking for their payment from a liquor club called “Magestic liquor & Wine” located in Nyagatovu cell.

The incident took place on Friday midnight around 12 am.

The men who were not also in a good position due to alcohol consumption at that moment were coming to ask for their payment from the club owner after they made chairs for her and instead of paying them called District Administration Security Support Organ  (DASSO) from Kimironko sector who came in a while by taking the men as if there were stones and put in a car where Rukundo’s head was injured.

The Masked face of Rukundo was full of blood due to the injury caused by Security organs at their intervention (Elias Hakizimana)

Eye witnesses who were there criticize such a security organ (DASSO) for usual illegal action of violating human beings’ health instead of playing the role of gathering peace and security.

Rukundo works with his colleague Niyonkuru who was taken as detainee at Kimironko police station after the incident occurred.

Louise Uwimbabazi is the servant at the club who was there during the incident.

She confirmed to The Inspirer that security organs who intervened behaved inhuman while packing the men in a car, injuring Rukundo who did not even fight with anybody before.

The man lighting the entire injured part on the victim’s head (Elias Hakizimana)

“I do not understand why you are asking me where the man was injured from, he was injured after being taken in a car by Security officials, and yourself have been there,” Louise told the journalist.

Trying to chat with Kimironko sector’s DASSO security organ in the morning soon after the incident, they said they had nothing to report and recommended the journalist to contact the executive secretary.

Nyiridandi Mapambano, Kimironko sector’s executive secretary on phone call with The Inspirer said that the man was injured by his colleague after both were fighting, which is not true as the journalist himself was at the incident’s place as the eye witness.

Rukundo with mask and his colleague Niyonkuru (R) after being taken in a security car (Elias Hakizimana)

“The man was injured as they were fighting themselves and they were drunkard, security organs went there to intervene after being called by observers, they were both taken to Kimironko police station and the one who was injured was taken later to Kibagabaga hospital by the sectors’ security and hygiene car to be handled,” said Nyiridandi.

“We will follow up to see the way those men were transported and punish kind of illegal conduct on how they detained those people, we have the entity that punishes them as other employees of the district, whenever they act in contrary to the ethical regulations of their work,” he added.

Security car which intervened during the incident (Elias Hakizimana)

We tried later to visit the police station of Kimironko where Hamimu Niyonkuru was under arrest and the police officer refused to let us talk with the detainee, saying that they will follow on DASSO who committed such a critical intervention.

As we proceeded to Kibagabaga hospital where Rukundo who was injured was taken in the same morning, a medical official said that the patient refused to be treated as he was in a mood of drunkard, saying that he is not sick.

Onlookers at the incident’s place in front of Magestic liquor & Wine Club in Nyagatovu cell (Elias Hakizimana)

Speaking to Niyonkuru today, he said he was released by police yesterday after some hours in prison.

He said security officials’ intervention for security matters remains critical as they detain innocent people instead of handling their problems.

“I was coming to ask my money for the job I did for the bar owner, she refused to answer my phone call until the night, and we came to wait for her at the club, my colleague who I employed was also asking me for his pay, we had not even transport to go home, they came to detain me saying we were causing security shortage, it was between 11 and 12 midnight,” said Niyonkuru.

Hamimu Niyonkuru speaking to Rachid Bugirimfura on December 3, 2014 after being released (Rachid Bugirimfura)

Niyonkuru also criticizes the way DASSO security organ handles issues related to security while on their usual interventions.

“DASSO are used to mistreating people when they are called for security intervention as they look the noble’s side instead of following on the root cause of the issue on the ground,” he said.

The bar owner who withheld her names said she was not involved in such an incident as she was not there.











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