MINIJUST shared a talk with its suppliers to improve on partnership

By Elias Hakizimana

Rwanda’s Ministry of Justice (MINIJUST) calls its suppliers grouped in various categories of entrepreneurs to improve on quality, quantity and timely services following the contracts they have set for their partnership.

The call was made this evening of Monday November 27, 2017 by Hon.Minister of Justice and Attorney General Johnston Busingye during an extra-ordinary dinner-dialogue which the ministry organized to meet its actual suppliers grouped in various categories of entrepreneurs.

The discussions brought together the staff from the ministry , Rwanda Development Board (RDB), local suppliers including players from transport , telecommunication companies, ICT Companies, Hospitality and tourism players among others.

During his speech to the suppliers, Busingye appreciated the massive participation of invitees and requested them to be more fruitful in driveling quality, quantity and timely services to the ministry.

“We are a small ministry which is not commercial-based but we are happy to see you as a big family of partners whom we work together quite often, for about 20 years I have been working in public service, it is the first time I meet such a big number of entrepreneurs to share conversation,” Busingye noted.

He reminded them about the performance of Rwanda in easing business investment assistance to investors as per the recent doing business report which ranked Rwanda the second  in Africa and the 41st worldwide.

“For today, we take this as our normal life to perform in doing business, and this made me to think how we can meet and discuss to see further improvements in our contracts as we cannot reach our achievements without evaluating what are under our agreements,” Minister said.

One of MINIJUST Suppliers sharing his appreciation to the special conversation with the ministry. (Elias Hakizimana)

Busingye noted that such a dialogue would become as a good culture of working together to serve the nation beyond the MoUs and contracts.

“Another thing which links us is the nation that we are building, it would be quite impossible to build the same nation without knowing each other, it is the reason why we called you here to build a rapid development of this country, what we call (GDP), Growth Domestic Product, which is the total aggregate of what we produce from home,” he noted.

Busingye backed on the impacts of local entrepreneurs in investing in made in Rwanda products, which he said has reduced unnecessary imports from foreign countries.

“We depend on you to do what we do when you are doing what you do very well, easily, with quality, quantity and on time  as it is under our contract, we depend on you to be who we are, we also depend on you to perform in compliance with agreements that we have signed, I want this partnership to bridge the gaps of delays in 2017-18, this is possible in other countries and the same should be possible for us,” said Busingye.

Some local Suppliers of MINIJUST sharing their appreciations to the special conversation with the Minister. (Elias Hakizimana)

Busingye reminded them that Rwanda relies on quality, quantity and integrity instead of mediocrity which many people say involves corruption especially when things are wrongly done.

Busingye committed to accomplish all the responsibilities to the MINIJUST’s suppliers following their agreements.

“So, we give you that commitment, and I want to make our own commitment on our side: much as you are existing, we depend on what you do well, we want to make a commitment that what we do for you will be done with quality, quantity and on time, for any inconvenience beyond our agreements, we will inform you and if and consequence from that, we shall be looking how to handle that,” He added.

He wished them to be prosperous entrepreneurs and pledged that the ministry will be doing everything possible for them to avoid their losses.






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Elias Hakizimana

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