Bishop Rugagi re-affirms that he will resurrect deads


By Elias Hakizimana

Bishop Innocent Rugagi re-affirmed last evening that he has got the power to resurrect deaths and confirmed this is true 900 percent.

Rugagi was addressing many people who attended the official launch of his new religious television “TV7” which comes to spread the worship and miracles of Jesus Christ.

The event took place at Kigali conference and exhibition center (camp Kigali) and attracted various people including apostles.

“Journalists asked me if I have a mission to resurrect deaths during the recent conference and I told them this is true, and it is true at 900 percent,” Rugagi noted.

He said that he already has acquired the power and that his products are on market.

He cited an example through bible’s verse in Mathew 10: 1-8 where God’s people were given power to heal all kinds of illnesses.

Rugagi also prayed for people who came with different chronic diseases.

During the ceremony, Rugagi collected over Rwf3million support from apostles and pastors as well as Christians on behalf of the TV7.

TV7 becomes the 25th private Television channels certified to operate in Rwanda, and is the second new Television launched since October this year, after TV5 Monde which was launched on October 30.


  1. TV10
    2. Super TV
    3. Lemigo TV/Royal TV
    4. Family TV
    5. Contact TV
    6. Digital media Preofessinal – DMP TV
    7. Light house TV
    8. K TV
    9. CapitaL TV
    10. Max TV
    11. TV1
    12. Mwanainchi pay TV
    13. Isango star TV
    14. Yego TV
    15. Flash TV
    16. Mark media TV
    17. Goodrich TV
    18. TV Plus
    19. Cloud TV
    20. Exalto TV
    21. Ishema TV
    22. BTN TV
    23. Sana TV, 24. TV5MONDE, 25. TV7.

    Many people with chronic diseases kneeled down to be prayed by Bishop Rugagi. (Elias Hakizimana)

    The official launch of TV7 was attended by many Christians


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Elias Hakizimana

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