First Lady urged Senior Government Officials to preserve achievements from Unity

By Elias Hakizimana

The First Lady of Rwanda Jeannette Kagame has urged senior government leaders to remember the country’s hard-earned unity and uniqueness, and uphold the achievements which come with it.

The First Lady made the remarks on the second day of Unity Club’s 10th forum, where she also  emphasized on good remarkable results of Unity Club in building unity and dignity every Rwandan deserves.

“Today we are happy with all those achievements which resulted in having uniqueness as an outcome of our unity. Join me to thank our good governance that gave us such good seeds we accepted to plant and now starting to taste the yield,” First Lady noted.

“Though we are celebrating the achievements today, we should not forget where Rwanda came from and many things which could result in its inexistence forever. We must recognize this and learn how to maintain our unity as well as serving Rwandans in a special way,” First Lady said.

She said that the uniqueness of Rwanda became very clear since Rwandans entered a new life without going back after the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi [in 1994].

The First Lady also noted that the uniqueness is visible though various initiatives consisting of finding solutions to problems affecting communities based on Rwandan culture and homegrown initiatives.

“Dear sisters and brothers all gathered here, Unity Club is the test which shows us whether we are real leaders; what we can call “Leadership Test,” the First Lady said.

“It enables us to evaluate ourselves and verify whether we are still in that unity. It also gives us an occasion to remember that we should not go slowly because we still have a long journey to go. That test also reminds us that our governance showed us the uniqueness which we should not ignore anymore, but pushes us to recognize the Rwandans we serve,” she pointed out.

“Let us be leaders who find better ways to orient our citizens as we carry out the light to light for them,” she added.

First Lady closed her remarks by thanking the government and the National Commission for Unity and Reconciliation as well as other entities to be close to Unity Club in the implementation of the programmes intended to foster unity and welfare of Rwandans.

“Let us maintain Rwandan uniqueness in the vision we chose to build Rwanda we all want,” First Lady said.

Various senior government authorities attending the second day of the 10th Unity Club’s Forum on Friday, October 27, 2017.


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Elias Hakizimana

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