Meet Bagarirayose, a young Rwandan managing a hotel

By Elias Hakizimana

Born in the Southern Province (Kamonyi district) in Musambira Sector, the now 26-year-old Charles Bagarirayose decided to relocate to the City of Kigali in search for ‘green pasture’. To earn his living, and ensure his bright future, he first enrolled in the faculty of hospitality and industry at the University of Tourism, Technology and Business Studies (RTUC), where he graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in hotel management.

Bagarirayose is currently the manager of Modern Villa, a Hotel located in Remera sector, of Gasabo District.

He insists that the skills he gained from university will remain the gear for his dream come true because of the passion he has for the hospitality business.

Asked why he decided to join the hospitality business Bagarirayose, he said  Hotel Management  was a dream he had ever since his childhood when he was still in secondary school, the move he attributed to perception that most  graduates from this field easily get jobs and also manage to become good future entrepreneurs.

According to Labor Force Survey (LFS) 2016, unemployment rate in Rwanda is at 13.2%.

His strengths are to get up early morning, pray and start his work.  He also revealed that he spends many hours at work compared to his night rest.

Charles Bagarirayose at his work place in Remera. (Elias HAKIZIMANA).

The Inspirer wished to share the story about his journey and future in the hospitality business and this was done through a detailed interview a when our reporter met him at Modern Villa Hotel.

Did you think that you would once be serving in this field?

Yes It was my childhood dream but the passion was paced when I joined the university until this moment, my dreams are passionate to work in the hospitality sector. I feel it and I will always strive to make my reach another level only sky is the limit,”

What motivated you to follow this career?

I first of all thank the campus(RTUC) that offered me skills and the hotel which employed me to elaborate my practical skills, I think the success was due to the fact that I had good teachers who motivated me to keep up the trend in achieving my goal of success,”

“I can assure you that my dreams came true because to follow my career, I would have chosen another career but due to the confidence I had it pushed me to be were iam today.

What are your future targets?

“I plan to contribute towards the economic development of my Country (Rwanda) through contesting among other entrepreneurs. Job creation is the most important milestone that contributes to lots of developmental initiatives such as welfare, and you know unemployment remains a burden to our country.

Don’t you fear threats faced in the Hospitality Business?

Currently am employed as the manager, but I also target to grow my own business in future because of the experience I have gained from this Hotel. I used to hear testimonies from people that graduate from hospitality sector get jobs easily and also have many chances to create their own initiatives. That’s why I think there is nothing to worry about innovation and creativity since I am extending my knowledge through my daily operations.

Charles thanks the campus (RTUC) that offered him skills and the hotel which employed him to elaborate his practical skills (Elias HAKIZIMANA).


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