Govt seeks to reinforce e-recruitment by improving internet connection  

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The Public Service Commission said yesterday that the Government will continue to support the new strategy of seeking jobs via online ‘e-recruitment’ despites lack of internet connection and poor connection in some areas of the country.

The e-recruitment in various public and private institutions started operating since May this year and this strategy serves as important as to improve service delivery by reducing travels of job seekers to deposit the hard copies of applications to the recruiting institutions.

The e-recruitment was also put in place to avoid corruptions gaps which became an issue in hindering a better service delivery.

Presently, whoever seeking for a job in public institutions passes through online ‘e-recruitment portal’ and register by following the requirements.

The candidate is kept updated on his/her applications through the email address to know whether he/she was shortlisted or rejected.

The only challenge remains not enough internet connectivity in some areas of the country but this strategy is helpful and easily accessible.

As for the report by Rwanda Utility and Regulatory Authority (RURA) of March last year 2016, the internet connectivity and accessibility in the country was at 33 percent.

According to François Habiyakare, the president of commissioners’ council in Public Service Commission (PSC), the recruitment of employees by using Information Communication Technology (ICT) plays a significant role and this cannot stop anymore.

He said that the problem of internet connectivity should see further ways to sort it out so that the e-recruitment makes a good step-forward.

François Habiyakare, the president of commissioners’ council in Public Service Commission (PSC). (Photo by IGIHE).

“It is a serious problem if the internet connection is slow, it can hinder the applicant to send their application documents,” said Habiyakare.

“I can believe that most of the areas in Rwanda have internet connection, but the fastest internet has not yet reached many areas. People have to use the available internet to try seeking for jobs by using the current internet connection and most of the times people tell us that they get to know information of jobs via internet, meaning that it is possible even in rural areas to use internet,” He  added.

The Ministry for ICT pledged to increase internet connection at 70 percent by the end of 2017.

Habiyakare noted that the government recognizes that poor internet connection is an issue and that they are seeking for possible solutions.

“It would be a lie when I say that it is not a problem, but people can adapt to that situation currently by seeking possible solutions to that. We have made a significant step and the government is seeking for a solution,” Habiyakare said.

According to the statistics by Public Service Commission due to last year 2016, they received 156 job applications offered in public institutions. All job seekers were counted to 54.467; and among them 40.044 were shortlisted to do examinations while 3.537 of them succeeded.


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