Rwanda is investing in amazing aviation industry as an economic catalyst — AviaDev’s Howell

By Elias Hakizimana & Anaclet Ntwali

England’s expert in Aviation Development John Howell appreciates the progress of Rwanda’s aviation investment which he describes as a great story.

John Howell is the Director General and Founder of Aviation Development (AviaDev), a unique platform bringing together airports, airlines, governments, industry suppliers and Tourism authorities to determine the future of air connectivity and infrastructure development of Africa.

Howell is in Rwanda, attending an extra-Ordinary African Hotel and aviation Investment Forum to share experience with the rest of African continent’s airline operators on how to boost aviation industry.

Howell appreciates the progress of Rwanda’s aviation investment which he says is a great story. (Photo by Elias Hakizimana).

He says that Rwanda has made a tremendous achievement towards developing aviation industry basing on its records since few years ago.

“Rwanda’s aviation development is a great story, Rwanda is investing in amazing aviation as an economic catalyst,” Howell said.

“We saw what happened in Dubai when they adopted the same approach. Dubai in the world is very centrally located, the same as Rwanda in Africa. Economy cannot exist without believing in investment for your government, I am delighted to be here because Rwanda really is leading in terms of aviation development on the continent,” he noted.

Talking about the state of Airline Industry in Africa, he noted that the industry is at a good position despite some challenges which still hinder its progress like new airways which are not yet open since their establishment which was agreed upon by African countries in 1988 during the signature of Yamoussoukro declaration.

“This is holding back hugely the progress, I would love to see these airways  open and I have started to write some emails to mobilise players and write some articles through my website and I send them to African  aviation. I would be happy to actually help the people to connect sky ways.”

Howell says that 80 percent of all international travelers live in Africa.

Rwandair has recently opened 23 new airline destinations which Howell says is an amazing ambition.

John Howell, Director General and Founder of AviaDev during an interview with The Inspirer’s Journalist Elias.H (By Anaclet Ntwali)
Various Experts in Aviation attending the Africa Hotel Investment Forum in Kigali Convention Center.

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