Coping with University life: How induction week refreshes and prepares a vigilant student

By Elias Hakizimana

University life is a strategic battle and journey for changing mindset, behavior, working strategies, financial management as well as learning from each other to gain knowledge and become an important person.

Nonetheless, a student would not attain such achievements without guidelines and provision of the University’s leaders and senior colleague-students, thanks to the induction week culture adopted by Universities.

Annuarithe Nyirandagijimana, 22, ended her secondary school from Groupe Scolaire Karenge in Rwamagana district in Eastern province.

She joined the University of Tourism, Technology and Business management (UTB) yesterday and she is enjoying the guidelines by the campus leaders during the induction week started with her first entrance at the campus.

Annuarithe Nyirandagijimana said the guidelines will help her achieve her dreams at University (Elias Hakizimana)

She says she was explained that the life at the campus is different from secondary school’s one where they used to study under pressure of disciplinary guidance.

“We were told that Here there will not be someone to guide you; it is up to everyone to work hard with his/her own guidance,” Nyirandagijimana said.

Nyirandagijimana was curious to know about the new e-learning strategy of lecturers where a student has to research more besides the lectures taught in class.

“In these two days, I have learnt a lot like how to live independently and am looking for an accommodation, they have encouraged us to open students’ accounts and they advised us not to fail a lecture, they have briefed us a bit how to avoid the second sitting exams after failing.” She said.

The female younger students dreams to be an expert in hotels and restaurant management. “I can be employed by the government or create my own business after graduation,” said Nyirandagijimana.

COME Rubimbura, a 3rd year student in UTB, stresses that the induction week is a very good welcome moment for new comers where senior students help their younger brothers and sisters to adapt to the University situation.

COME Rubimbura, a 3rd year student in UTB, stresses that the induction week is a very good welcome moment for new comers (Elias Hakizimana)

“It is within Rwandan culture to welcome whoever comes new, so, we try to help them in whatever circumstances so that we all grow together,” said Rubimbura.

César Hakizimana, UTB Registrar said that during the same period, students are taught to take risks of management of the University life which is seem to be difficult as there is not someone to force them to study.

However, female students are advised to control their behaviors to secure their success and future by respecting cultural norms and Rwandan values.

“We have different initiatives in the campus established by student’s organization as ministries to cater for students and these include especially the ministry that care for female students in particular. Through such initiatives, female students are encouraged to live their own lives and try to seek for better solutions without luring their lives into consequences which can stop their education such as prostitution. So they are given trainings and further advice in regard with their special concerns,” Hakizimana said.

César Hakizimana, UTB Registrar advises female students to control their behaviors to secure their success and future by respecting cultural norms and Rwandan values (Elias Hakizimana)

Speaking to The Inspirer, Callixte Kabera, UTB Vice Chancellor, the induction week is meant to inspire students working toward achieving what they are supposed to do and what the campus has to do for them alongside the academic year.

Really this is very important, the induction week we organize for our students is very important because it inspires the students in terms of what they are supposed to do and what the management of UTB is supposed to do for them and we emphasize on quality service delivery and how the work will be organized throughout the year,” said Kabera.

He also mentioned that during the induction week students take part in making sure that what they are aiming to do is achieved through that academic year.

Callixte Kabera, UTB Vice Chancellor said that the induction week inspires the students in terms of what they are supposed to do (Elias Hakizimana)

Besides, he clarified that such a week is the culture that is actually useful to prepare students at every beginning of the academic year.

“So, it is a culture we have adopted at UTB to organize induction week not only for the new students but also for ongoing students as a battle of working together to make sure that we attain the objectives that have been fixed for the new academic year,” Kabera noted.

Over 400 new comer-students have been registered for this academic year at UTB.

Prof. Gustave Tombola, UTB Vice Chancellor in charge of Academic lectures giving advice to the ongoing students of 3rd year (Elias Hakizimana)
Prof Tombola Gustave Briefing ongoing students of UTB about the new guidelines as the academic year begins (Elias Hakizimana)
Callixte Kabera, UTB Vice Chancellor Giving a welcome remark to the ongoing students (Elias Hakizimana)

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