Good Samaritans set for a car wash fund-raising for child with brain tumor

A group of good Samaritans composed of 8 philanthropist women has organized a charitable fundraising purposely to raise medical funds for financially incapable parents with a child suffering from the brain tumor.

According to Noreen Nahabwe Ruheeza, Executive Secretary of the group, says, the event will take place at Car wash opposite Remera Parking as the money shall be collected from the war washing fundraising campaign slated on 27th August of this month.

She says that the idea of helping the child came when they saw the critical health condition of the child and then they felt a heart of kindness.

The Child at Home.(Francis Byaruhanga)

Sheja Gasana is 4 year child and has been struggling with ailments for the last two years with tumor in the brain despite the fact that parents wondered in different local hospitals at Kanombe Military Hospital, CHUK and King Faysal but the condition persisted.

“Local Doctors always told us hopelessly that the child cannot heal either by operating him or not and as a result they released the parents from the Hospital. Thanks to the Medanta Hospital that fueled our hope by telling us that our child can be normal again,” she says.

He argued that Medanta Hospital confirmed the good news that operations would be successful with good treatment as the surgery would be undertaken by the 40 doctors to remove the tumor.

Meanwhile, the parents are in their young lives of their marriage and sadly all the family properties almost got exhausted in the previous last years of medication of the young Sheja.

The Parents with the Child.(Francis Byaruhanga)

Thus, as a result they can’t manage to raise the required medical expenses amounting to Dollars 25,000 worth Rwf 21,057,372,500 Million.

According to Kayiteesi Christine, the mother of the Child residing at Rwamagana, says the amount was a lot according to their capacity.

She says the child is in bad condition to be able to sit, eat well, see, and in addition the neck muscles are weak to stand erect due to the brain tumors in the brain.

She says the disease attacked the patient when he was 2 years when he lost appetite to eat for almost 3 months then.

“We could take him different though it took long to discover that the child has a brain tumor when he was scanned in the radiography,” his mother said.

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