Presidential inauguration: Kagame pledges to scale up country’s development efforts

The President of the Republic of Rwanda His Excellency Paul Kagame, has appreciated Rwandans’ development efforts and pledged more support as the government to continue heading the country on top of success.

The Head of State’s remarks are well in line with Rwanda’s wish to achieve middle income status by the year 2020.

The country’s Vision 2020 goals projects income per capita to reach $1,240, and it’s economic growth to hit 11.5 %.
Kagame was speaking from Amahoro Stadium, today August 18, 2017 during his inaugural ceremony to lead the country for another 7-year term come 2024.

Kagame’s inaugural ceremony has attracted thousands of Rwandans, and about 47 special invitees—presidents, heads of state and ministers of foreign affairs of various African countries; as well as other dignitaries from all over the world.

President Paul Kagame receiving the national-flag as symbol of patriotism after swearing to lead the country in peace (Courtesy)

They all gathered to witness the celebration for Kagame’s landslide presidential poll win with 98.79 percent votes.
However, the vision 2020’s target requires concerted and more advanced efforts given that the current $740 income per capita; and the economy grew by 5.9 % in the financial year 2016/2017.

Kagame said that the next mandate will give priority to every Rwandan and particularly the youth to be at the forefront of country’s development agenda.

“We see your determination to achieve that and we must ensure that Rwanda has quality education, improved services and business industry of the future,” Kagame said.

The contribution of industrial sector to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was 14 per cent in 2016, while Vision 2020 target is 20 per cent, data from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and EAC Affairs (MINEACOM).
The sector was also growing by 6 % against 14% by 2020. It accounts for 14.4 per cent of employment with over 85 per cent covered by non-industrial sectors.

In a bid to increase income for Rwandans, Rwanda targets to have only 50% of its population engaged in agriculture, while the remaining proportion of its people will be working in other sectors including industry, as per the vision 2020.

This move necessitates further investments and interventions to enable both domestic and foreign direct investments to drive up industrial Sector and build capacities of Rwandans especially the youth to tap into growing manufacturing sector, instead of relying on foreign workforce.

“Rwandan entrepreneurs and business leaders started from zero and achieved many things, we thank you and ask you to please do even more, the government will do its part to increase regional and international investors to promote development of the country,” the President noted.

Highlighting the importance of cooperation, Kagame underscored the partnership and cooperation with Rwandans, supporting political parties and neighbor-African countries and beyond the continent to scale up the country’s prosperity.

“All the inspiration we need in via Africa, everywhere we have been accustomed to say exception, in leadership, in all sectors among us, we will continue to recognize it as much as possible,” Kagame said.

Kagame said the country will leave no one behind in this mandate as incredible works have been done to ensure development of every Rwandan.
Special thanks to the youth

The president highlighted the youth’s efforts during the last presidential campaigns and he expressed his special recognition to them.

“The young men and women who voted the first time, everyone saw how these young men and women took the lead during the campaign, I want us to recognize you for that,” Kagame noted.

Kagame appreciated the way elections were handled from the campaigns till the end, thanks to efforts contributed by youth which ensured a successful election.

By Elias Hakizimana

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